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Eternity, 20x20cm sold

Pesces, 75x40cm

Scorpio, 40x40cm sold


I was born in Luxembourg in 1966.
After the primary school I visited the High School, with speciality in languages, and could learn - apart from the usual languages German, French, English - some Italian.
After some time however I missed beside all that learning some HAND-work, because thus I was from child on very skillful and also quite creative what concerned the solution of all my problems.
My demand for “manual work” continued to increase and my school achievements began to fall.
One day, my German teacher took me aside and told me that she had observed my succeeded drawings and creative sayings with which I decorated my school books. She asked me if I wouldn’t have better change to an artistic-creative school...
Very inspired, I told my father about this talk. At first he wasn’t very pleased about the idea, but since I did not relent, I was allowed to start for the next year in the “Lycée Technique des Arts et Métiers”.

And my German teacher should keep right: That was exactly what I needed! My notes increased very fast and without any problem. I earned my diploma as a graphic artist in 1987!
After this, I wanted to go to a professional art school with my friend, and we should make the permission exam. Because of our lacking self-confidence we broke off the exam after the 1st day, because we thought we had no chance against the 130 competitors. Well - after 3 weeks a lecturer of the professional school called us and asked for an appointment. When we appeared at school, he asked us why just the two of US broke off the exam… He said our works from the first day were ranking beneath the best of all…

Well - those news were very helpful for our self-confidence, but now it was too late to start the following term…In the meantime I had accepted an opportunity job at a municipality, where I was later adjusted firmly in 1990.
Everything was very exciting at the beginning: I was allowed to paint, to draw, to create decorations, I have to say that I really was in my element during that first time!
Unfortunately, some changes happened after a few years -due to the introduction of computers- , and as I - after my first pregnancy - could only continue working part-time, it became impossible to continue my beloved “HAND - work”: My work time was not sufficient in order to coordinate decoration-works, and so I only could perform computer-work - to my greatest disappointment. Like already once in my life a certain frustration took place around me…
One day I started painting and doing ceramic artworks during my spare time, then I made larger transformations in my garden and started reconditioning my entire house in order to use my creativity somehow and somewhere.
When all the major changes had been finished, I asked myself the question: “What would you like to learn or work now if you could start all over again?” After a certain time I was quite sure: I wanted to help “humans and animals”. But in what way wasn’t defined yet... How I finally came to REIKI, you’re invited to read in a short while under “how I came to REIKI”